Detached ADU

600 Sq Ft Detached ADU in Oakland for Extra Living Space

Modern oasis designed to elevate your living experience right in the comfort of your backyard. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom ADU is a perfect blend of luxury, functionality, and contemporary design, featuring high-end nano doors and windows that redefine indoor-outdoor living.

Modern Design, Timeless Elegance

Our studio ADU showcases a sleek and sophisticated design that seamlessly integrates into any backyard setting. With clean lines, premium materials, and a neutral color palette, this space exudes a timeless elegance that complements your lifestyle.

Nano Doors and Windows

Experience the beauty of seamless indoor-outdoor living with our high-end nano doors and windows. These innovative features flood the interior with natural light, create a sense of openness, and provide easy access to your private outdoor space.

Expand Your Living Space

Whether you're looking for a guest suite, a home office, or a peaceful retreat, our studio ADU offers the versatility to meet your needs. With its modern design and premium features, it's a perfect addition to any property seeking additional space without compromising on style.

600 Sq Ft
332 62nd St - Front 3332 62nd St - Front 4332 62nd St - Side332 62nd St - Side 2332 62nd St - Livingroom332 62nd St - Kitchen332 62nd St - Kitchen 2332 62nd St - Dining332 62nd St - Laundry 2332 62nd St - Laundry332 62nd St - Laundry 3332 62nd St - Bedroom332 62nd St - Bedroom 2332 62nd St - Bedroom 3332 62nd St - Bedroom 4332 62nd St - Bath332 62nd St - Bath 2